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LINKS Fishing Report 2012
31st March
Peter Leadbetter Fishing from the boat with an intermediate line with 4 fish for 4 lb .also returned a few fish
John Shaw fishing from the bank with a floating line had a great nights fishing ,returning all but one a nice 1lb 6oz brownie
Robert Malcolm fishing from the bank using a intermediate line kept three nice Brownies for 3lb 7.oz and returned a few fish
28th March
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15th March to 30th Apr
Junior Member Taylor Rooney fishing from the bank caught this nice 1-1/4 lb Brownie

Calum Robertson with a nice 1.1/4lb brown. one of a catch of 8.-( 7) of which were returned.

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26th March to 7th Ap  
Stuart Malcolm Had another good night fishing from the bank with an intermediate line keeping 4 fish for 5-1/4 lb .
Peter Leadbetter with a lovely catch of 4 Brownies for 5-1/2 lb also returned a few
jim Twaddle fishing from the boad kept a lovely Rainbow @ 1-1/2 lb and a 1-1/4lb Brownie and returned 10 all on an intermediate line
15th to 22nd March
11th July to 6th Oct
7th April to 2nd July
15th to 27 March
27th March
27th March
28th March
Last Day of Season
7th Aug to12th Sept
3rd July to 23rd July
Tackle gab                    
Fraser McClure with a nice Brownie and a perch had a good night's fishing and returned a few

Club Champion Stuart Malcolm Had another good night with a limit catch and returned a few using a floating line and small black Buzzers

Junior Member fishing from the bank Stephen Meek caughgt this nice 1- 1/4lb Brownie
26th March






  Club Champion Stuart Malcolm with a limit catch, also returned a few using small Black flies and a intermediate line  

John Shaw with another nice Brownie, one of many released All caught on a floating line

Robert Malcolm fishing from the bank using a floating line with a Small Clan Chief caught a 1lb Brownie and returned 2
Sunday 25th March





John Shaw with a nice catch of brownies for 4 1/4 lb using a intermediate line and a Green Copper Nymph . A further 5 fish were returned

Garry Miller with a nice Rainbow just under 1-1/2 lb.Caught on a small Black Buzzer

Stephen Sey with a nice Brownie for 1 1/2 lb caught deep on a black pennel
Saturday 24th March
new junior member-- Connor Fyfe with his very first trout , a fish @- 1lb 2oz.
20th March
Harry Davie caught and released a nice 1-1/4 lb Brown trout caught on a small black fly with a bright green tail using a intermediate line fished deep with a slow retrieve . Five of the seven boats were out but no more fish were caught , fish were rising at various parts of the loch