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Tackle gab Fishing Report 2011
April 30 th
Harris Carberry out in the boat with dad Caught his first ever antermony trout


  15th March to 30th April
April 29th 2011
Lewis Brownisky Age 6 having a great time caught 5 kept one
Jack McCauley age 11 caught a nice Brownie
April 29th

Young James Carruth had a great time Caught this lovely brownie on a Clan Chief

April 27th
April 28th
Graham Brown fishing from the bank caught 1 brownie on a red and black Cruncher also returned 5
Stuart Malcolm fishing from the bank with a limit catch on a floating linefor 3-3/4lb and returned 6
Club champion with a nice brownie which he returned along with others
April 20th
April 23rd
David Bowie caught a nice Brownie for 1lb 2oz on a small black buzzer with a touch of red
Willie McCutcheon using a intermediate line fishing from the boat found it hard going but his perseverance was rewarded with a nice trout

April 15th
April 17th
Stuart Malcolm with a nice Brown trout @ 1lb caught on a home made fly with a floating line

Mark Dunlop with two nice brown trout largest fish 1- 1/4 lb caught on black hopper on a floating line

April 10th
Garry Miller using s dry fly caught this ove rwintered Rainbow
New Member John Carberry first time on the loch had a limit catch of 4 fish and returned two caught on buzzers and pennel
April 9th
John Shaw with a nice 1lb brownie caught on a mallard and claret
Jim Rae with a lovely catch of three brownies for 3lb 13oz with a kate McClaren on a sink tip


April 8th
Neil McIntosh fishing from the boat caught 2 brownies on a green and black Cruncher
Fraser McClurefishing from the boat caught 1 brownie on a floating line with a Ke-he
Stuart Malcolm with a limit catch on a flloating line with a Black Penel
April 7th

Calum Robertson with a nice 1.5lb brownie caught from the bank with a home tied fly on April 7th.-

April 3rd
Stuart Malcolm Winner of the 2011 Spring Cup Caught the only fish after extra time to to win the Competition ,for photo's Click here
April 1st
April 1st
April 2nd
Stuart Malcolm Fishing from the boat caught his limit of 4 nice brownies
Jim Twaddle fishing from the bank on the south side of the loch was rewarded with a nice catch, all fish were returned
Hugh Rae also had a good day at the loch with good sport using a floating line and black buzzers
March 21st

New Member Mark Dunlop enjoyed his first ever day at the loch fishing from the boat caught his first Brownie
March 16th 2011
Dick Fehan with his 1st fish of the year.(Returned)Along with J Twaddle who returned another 2..
Stuart Malcolm with one of two Fish caught fishing from the boat using a floating line
photo' by jim twaddle
J Shaw fishing from the bank with a floating line.caught 5.returned 5
Opening day 15th March
Harry Davie tries his luck on opening day but was only able to tempt one to the surface only to turn away
Francis Malcolm fishing from the bank caught the first trout of the season using a floating line and a small orange fritz
David Hughes also tried his luck from the boat but the cold wind and sleet made it very hard going