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NEWS ITEMS 3rd June 2010

Junior Competition


1 Kiera Brown.2 browns 1lb 15oz
2 Jamie Scullion 2 browns 1lb 12oz
3 Calum Robertson i brown 1lb
4 Kerr Edwards 1 brown 13oz
5 Leila Brown 1 brown 11oz
Stephen Meek and Ben Tanner .Blank


-NEWS ITEMS 16.4.10

In an effort to help members improve their fishing of Antermony, the Club has introduced two initiatives:

· We have set up a Mentor system. Some experienced members have put their names and contact details on a list, on the notice board, in the Members Shed. If you want advice or even someone to show you how they fish Antermony, contact someone on the list and take it from there. If you are prepared to be a Mentor, please add your details to the list.

· On Sunday May 2nd, between 2pm and 6pm, there will be a drop-in session at the loch, where several members will be available to give tips and advice on fishing the loch, fly-tying and fish-smoking.klick here for photos

This year we have several enthusiastic Juniors fishing regularly and it has been put to the Committee that it would be better if their competition was fished separately from the adults. The Committee agreed, so the Junior Competition will be fished on Sunday 13 June, between 2pm and 6pm. Several adult members will be present, so it is hoped to be able to fish a proportion of the competition from boats. Juniors should therefore bring waders and life jackets, if they have them. Parents are welcome to come along and have a picnic, while the kids fish.

This year’s Social Night was a great success and our thanks go to Jim McSkimming, John Sacky and Iain and Grace Black, who made it so.

Our guest speaker Jack Glenny was brilliant and below is the poem he recited to the members present:

Antermony Loch

An angler stood at Heaven’s Gate

His rod and reel in hand.

Above his head a notice read;


He pulled the bell cord and the voice of the Lord

Cut through the air like a knife.

‘Tell me my son, what good have you done,

Whilst on Earth and living your life?’

‘Dear God’, said the lad, ‘I’ve no been that bad

And I don’t really mean to be funny,

But day-in and day-oot I’ve gone fishin’ for troot,

In yon place they ca’ Antermony.’

Then God shed a tear and whispered, ‘Come here

And bring a’ your tackle as well.

Here’s a loch fu’ o’ fish, take all that you wish,

For you’ve had your share o’Hell’

By Jack Glenny from Greenock


At the Caurnie Angling Club Social Night 10.3.2010

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