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29th June
30th June
Eddie Scott and son had a good day's fishing ending up with a nice brownie each

Fishing from the boat John Shaw Caught this 1-1/2 lb over wintered Rainbow

27th June
June 28th
27th June
Allan Sinclair with one nice Brownie and returned three others fishing from the bank
... Robert Forsyth wins Summer Cup ..-see Photo's
Garry Miller fishing from the boat caught 2 nice brownies one a bar of silver ,also returned 2 fish
17th June
19th June
25th June
Fishing from the bank just as the light was fading John Shaw using a floating line midge tip caught and released six fish on a dublin belle
John McAteer having an early morning session on the boat was rewarded with a 1-1/4 lb Brownie, using a midge tip and a bibio
Graham Sooman with a nice brownie caught from the bank in a cold east wind using a green nymph
Tackle gab  
10th June
10th June
Dad Graham Brown with Junior Members daughters Leile and Kiera out on the boat each caught their first ever Brownie, Fly fishing using different flies, one on a C.D.C and one on a sedge hog well done girls
8th June
9th June
9th June
Fishing from the boat Peter Leadbetter with a nice brownies for- 1 -1/2 lb Caught on a black pecock spider
Francis Gray with two lovely Brownies for 1lb 12oz. caught from the boat on a black pennel
Ian Murray fishing from the boat with two nice brownies for 2lb 6oz. caught on a green Nymph
Jim Twaddle Wins the Jewett Cup - See Photo,s
29th May
29th May
29th May
Garry Miller with 2 nice brownies for 2 lb 1oz caught on a small black spider also returned one
Fishing from the bank Robert Forsyth with two nice brownies for- 1 3/4 lb
Peter Leadbetter with two nice brownies for 2lb 9oz
27th May
27th May
27th May
Peter Leadbetter with one of four fish caught from the boat a lovely fish of 2 1/2 1b . 27th May
jim twaddles guest Dave Avery with a nice brown,and returned 6.
Adam Turner with 1 of 2 fish, this being a 2lb1oz cracking rainbow.
25th May
25th May
25th May
stuart Malcolm fishing from the bank with a nice limit catch of brownies
Fraser McClure with a quality BrownTrout caught from the bank. 27th May
Jim Rae fishing from the boat with a floating line and a black penel caught this 1lb-12oz rainbow
22nd May
22nd May
22nd May
Jimmy McCutcheon, Francis Gray and Willie McCutcheon all had a fantastic day catching and releasing and each kept three lovely brownies for the pan
22nd May
Tam Irvine fishing from the boat using a intermediate line and one of his special lures caught three nice Brownies
Stuart Malcolm Fishing from the bank with a floating line was captured netting this brownie by David Morrison
Photo's by David Morrison Photo's by David Morrison
20th May
21th May
John Shaw with one of two lovely silver Brownies kept for the pan returned quite a few
Ben tanner fishing with dad got to land this lovely brownie
Junior Member Dave Valentine witrh a nice brownie
Photo's by David Morrison
Photo's by Jim Twaddle
20th May
Eddie Scott Captured netting a fish from the boat

Stuart Malcolm netting a fish , both Stuart and Fraser McCluee had a great night releasing quite a lot of fish

Photo's by David Morrison
20th May
Fraaser McClure netting a nive brownie

Jimmy McCutcheon fishing with brother Willie captured netting one of many brownies

Photo's by David Morrison


19th May
20th May
20th May
Jimmy McCutcheon had a terrific day catching and releasing lot of fish and keeping 4 for 5-3/4 lb
Fishing from the bank William Wright with one of three brownies caught this morning
Alex Halley over for a couple of hours caught this brownie on floating line using a diviichi
Fish are being caught on awide variety of flies mostly on an intermediate line fishing from the boats
18th May
19th May
19th May
Brian Mulholland with two Brownies Photo by David Morrison
Allan Small with a limit Catch - four fish for 4-3/4lb
Bob Spalding had a enjoyable nights fishing and caught this lovely brownie
17th May
17th May
17th May
Graham Sooman with a nice brownie caught from the boat in a cold east wind
Peter Leadbetter with a limit catch fishing an intermediate line and a size 14 black spider caught this lovely limit catch of browntrout which weighed in at 5 -1/2lb
John Shaw with a nice Brownie also returned a few
Photo by David Morrison
17th May
Graham Brown watching Eddie Scott netting a lovely Brownie

Eddie Scott holding his lovely Brown Trout

Photo's by David Morrison