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OPENING DAY - 15th March 2009
Winner of Spring Cup Stuart Malcolm See Photo's
Opening day report by Stuart Malcolm click here
Tuesday 31st March
Tuesday 31st March Tuesday 31st March
  Fraser Mclure with a nice 2lb Brownie fishing from the bank Jamie Scullion with a nice catch of three brownies all caught on a antermony lure Jim Twaddle fishing from the bank relaxing with a cup of tea caught and released 12 fish
Thursday 26th March
Thursday 26th March
Wed 25thMarch
Junior Champion Jamie Scullion with a nicebrownie caught in Mortons Bay

Neil West with a nice fish caught on a Daddylong legs at Twaddles Point

Jim Twaddle fishing from the boat caught and released a few brownies but kept this nice rainbow
Tues 24th March
Tues 24th March
Monday 23rd March
Jamie Scullion fishing from the bank caught two nice fish

Allan Small was rewarded for fishing in terrible condition Strong wind and rain, with 4 fish for 5lb

A great catch by Stuart Malcolm three fish for 5-1/4lb the largest 2-1/4 lb
Sun 22nd March
Sun 22nd March
Sun 22nd March
Fraser McClure with two nice brownies the largest @ 2lb

John Shaw with 3 nice brownies the largest weighed in at 2lb also returned quite a few

Stuart Malcolm with a slow sink line 2 feet down medium retrieve with three nice brownies also returned quite a few
Sun 22nd March
Saturday 21st March
Saturday 21st March
Tackle gab        
Jamie Scullion the Junior Champion with a nice brownie

Roy Dempster with a lovely catch of 3 brownies and one rainbow

Aan Small with a nice brownie.
Friday 20th March
Thursday 19th March
Thursday 19th March
JimTwaddle with two nice rainbows and 1 brown. 1 rainbow returned.Caught on a intermediate line

Stuart Malcolm fishing a yellow dancer just as the light was fading caught this nice Rainbow

A good day for JimTwaddle with one of two rainbows(1 ret.)caught on a black tadpole on a sinking line
Thursday 19th March
Thursday 19th March
Wednesday 18th March
  Jamie Scullion fishing from the bank caught this 1-1/4 lb rainbow on a yellow dancer   Jim Tayler fishing a Sunburst Kate on a sinking line caught this nice rainbow   Jim Twaddle Fishing Morton's Bay and Twaddle's Point Caught this lovely Brownie  
  Wednesday 18th March  
Tuesday 17 th March
  Tuesday 17 th March  
  Robert Malcolm at the boat bay caught this lovely 1-1/2 lb brownie on an intermediate line with a gold bead homemade lure  
Alex Halley with a nice antermony Rainbow
George white with one of two fish caught
Tuesday 17 th March
Monday 16th March
Monday 16th March
Ben Johnson starts the season with a nice rainbow
  graham Thompson with 2 of his 4 fish bag( 2 ret) fishing from a boat, using a fast sink line and a zulu.
grahan said it was his best ever opening day
  Jim Twaddle fishing a black Damsel nymph caught this nice brownie  
15th March 2009
  David Thomson with his first trout of the new season caught on a Damsel Nymph  
1lb 2oz Rainbow caught on blood worm, slow sinker by Garry Miller
Photo by David Morrison
  One rainbow and one brown trout caught on opening day by Jim Twaddle from the bank Photo by Stuart Malcolm