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Fraser McClure Catches a nice Rainbow at Roughrigg, see Photo
A midsummer stocking by Jim Twaddle See Tackle Gab
Roger Hughes and Iain Black had a Wet Day at the Lake of Mentieth and a nice day at North Third and a not so nice day see Tackle Gab
See Adam Turners Holiday Photos of three Sail fish on Tackle gab Also Jim Twaddle with a nice Catch of Rainbows on Linlithgow
Hooked on Antermony by Keven Hendrie and son
Hi robert just like to thank all members for a great season of fly fishing
like to share some pics watching my son's face as he helped
me land fish was priceless thank you very much
Kevin Hendrie
6th October last fish of the Season
Harry Davie Captured landing the last fish of the Season , also pictured here holding the nice brownie --Well Done Harry
Thursday 2nd October
Jim Twaddle with two lovely brown trout for 3 lb caught using a Cormorant and a black tadpole on a floating line
Mark Anderson using a slow sink and Damsel Nymph caught two nice Brown Trout kept one @ 1-1/2 lb and released the other
Tackle gab
Sunday 28th September
Junior Member Ben Tanner out on the boat with Dad had a great time , caught a rainbow and a brownie and returned the brownie , His Dad Peter also caught and released a Rainbow
25th September
21st September
Jim Twaddle Caught and released two Rainbows and one Brownie fishing from twaddle's Point in Calm Conditions
Fishing from the Bank at Morton's Bay Robert Malcolm with two lovely brownies caught on a brown gold bead lure on a floating line
17 th September
Robert Malcolm with a nice Brown Trout and a Rainbow Trout caught on a Kate McLaren and a Pearly Wickhams on a Floating Lineline on Calm conditions
Eddie Donnelly with a nice Brown Trout Caught on a intermediate line on Calm conditions
Ken Hutchison with a nice Brown Trout caught on a red Diawl Bach on a intermediate line
Tam Irvine with a nice Rainbow Caught on a intermediate line approx 4 feet Down on a Antermony Lure
14th September
8th September
Roger Hughes with one of two lovely Brown trout caught on a fast sink line and a small black fly both fish were returned
Stuart Malcolm Fishing from the bank caught this nice brownie in calm conditions , water really cold with only a couple of fish rising.
4th September
Fishing from the bank Stuart Malcolm caught this nice brownie on a floating line with a yellow dancer
Fishing from the new Platform with a floating Line and small hothead buzzer, R. Malcolm . caught this lovely 1-1/2 lb Brown trout

Results of Autumn Cup

1st Jim Twaddle , 2nd, Stuart Malcolm 3rd Malcolm Miller see photo gallery

New Club Champion
It was close right up to the last competition three contenders were all in with a chance only a few points separated Jim Twaddle, Stuart Malcolm and Malcolm Miller, it all depended on the points awarded in the Autumn Cup and Malcolm Miller won by a short head . 3dr Place was enough to get the points he needed Well done Malcolm -- Commiserations to the other two contenders
Competition statistics for 2008