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Photo of the 54 lb'er caught by Mollie Fitzgerald on the river Alta,Norway .awesome fish. See Tackle Gab
Saturday 30th August
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Jim Twaddle had another great night caught 6 browns & 1 rainbow all fish were returned
John Shaw with three nice Brownies for 4lb caught from the boat on a floating line
Friday 29th AUGUST
Allan Taggerty With two Brown trout which were caught at the same time on a floating line, on a buzzer and a damsel nymph
Davie Thomson holding his pet hate a rainbow at morton's bay
Thursday 28th Aug
Tackle gab            
Jim Twaddle had a great night caught 7 browns & 1 rainbow fishing a floating line and small flies , all fish were returned
Robert Malcolm with a nice brownie caught from the bank on a floating line using a Cormorant Fritz
26th August
Roy Mackintosh fishing from the boat with an intermediate line and a cat's whisker caught this lovely 1-1/2lb brown trout
Tues 19th August
Saturday 23rd August
Ann Malcolm 2 fish for 2lb , first fish from the new platform and the 2nd fish from the boat fishing a single fly on wf#7 floater and an 8 foot leader.
Robert Malcolm fishing from the bank Caught two nice rainbows on a floating line with a small Sedge fly
Friday 15th August
Sunday 17th August
Stuart Malcolm caught 3 browns & 1 rainbow fishing 2 flies on a fifteen foot (Green Line) leader to cut down visibility in algae water and wf #8 floating Line using a size 12 bibio & teal & black fished on a medium to slow retrieve, conditions mild , dark
John Shaw using a floating line with a light wing sedge type fly caught this 2lb + brownie in difficult calm conditions
Monday 11th August
Tuesday 12th Aug
Robert Malcolm Fishing from the bank in morton's bay caught three lovely Brown trout for 4 lb
Tam Irvine persevered in the pouring Rain and was rewarded with a nice Brown and two Rainbows
Catches have been poor this week with mainly Rainbows providing the sport and the weather has kept some anglers away, others taking advantage of the rivers being in spate for a spot of salmon fishing, so its nice to see the brownies starting to take again
Sunday 3rds August
Malcolm Miller Winner of the Brown Cup
Results of Brown cup 2008 See -- photo Gallery