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LINKS Fishing Report
Friday 27th june
Wednesday 25th June
Francis Malcolm fishing from the bank using a floating line caught two nice fish the largest 2-1/4 lb
Fishing from the Bank Stuart Malcolm was rewarded with this magnificent limit catch of 4 lovely Brownies.
Tuesday 24 June
Frank Watson caught this nice trout on a yellow dancer
Roy Mackintosh with a limit catch caught on a a Kate McLaren and a goldhead damsel nymph on a floating line
Tuesday 24 June
Jim McEwen fishing a sink line and small Phesant tail nymphs with a limit catch of 4 for 4-3/4lb
John Shaw with a lovely trout @ 1-1/4 lb caught on a Home made Fly on a floating line
Tuesday 24th June
Junior Champion Jamie Scullion with one of two fish caught fishing from the bank


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Tackle gab
Monday 23 June
James Grant having a day out in the boat with his son caught this nice antermony 1-1/4lb trout
Neil Bryce with a lovely trout caught on a Claret bumble on a floating line
Sunday 22nd June
Friday 20th June
Stuart Malcolm with two lovely Trout caught using an intermediate line fishing from the bank

Stuart Sutherland with a limit catch of 4 lovely Trout caught on a small green nymph

Friday 20th June
Mark Carfrey with two nice fish caught on cats whiskers and a floating line
Willie McCucheon had a great night catching his limit used a floating line and small black flies with a touch of red
Wednesday 18th June
Robert Malcolm with a nice over wintered trout caught on a floating line made up his limit of 4 fish
Junior Champion Jamie Scullion fishing from the bank at Morton's bay caught this nice trout on a floating line
Sunday 15th June
Junior Champion Jamie Scullion Caught a nice Brownie fishing from the bank
Saturday 14th June
Gerry Scullion with a nice fish and
Tam Irvine with three nice fish using an intermediate line
Friday 13th June
Stuart Mc Pherson with a nice trout on a difficult night with the Caenis on the water using a floating line and a small green nymph
Wednesday 11th June
Gavin Smart and Jim Daly had a great night, finishing up with their limit and returning a few , fish taken on hoppers
Tuesday 10th June
Robert Malcolm netting a nice fish in Morton's bay
Friday 6th June
Jim Twaddle with guest David Bowie had a great day's fishing catching and releasing lots of fish and both keeping a lovely one for the pan
Thursday 5th June
John Shaw Kept this nice brown trout and released quite a few ,using a floating line and one of his special green bodied flies
Sunday1st June
R.S.Malcolm wins the Jewett Cup with a limit catch of 8 fish see photo gallery