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LINKS Fishing Report
Monday 19th May
Mark Caffrey with a nice fish caught on a buzzer in morton's Bay
Bob Spalding fishing a Yellow Dancer on a floating line with two of 4 fish caught
John Stevenson with another great day's fishing kept one that weighed in at 1-3/4lb
Stuart Malcolm also released a few fish and kept two
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Sunday 18th May
Junior Member Andrew Owens Fishing with his Dad caught 2 lovely Trout
John Stevenson fishing a rainbow warrior on a floating line with one of two fish caught
John shaw with another great day's fishing kept one fish and released a lot
Len Johnson also released a few fish and kept one for the pan
Sat 17th May
New members Father and Son, Hugh Rae Snr. and Hugh Rae Jnr. on their third visit to the loch both caught their limit and both weighed in at 4lb 6oz also returned three fish.Fish were taken on an orange and black fly
Friday 16th May
  New Member Stuart McPherson on his fourth visit caught his first two antermony trout 1 at 1-1/2lb  
Mark Scullion with two nice trout caught using a floating line and a size 16 sedge pattern
Frank Watson 2 fish for 2-1/4 lb and Ian Murray 1 fish caught on an intermediate line
Willy McCutcheon with two fish, realesed quite a few more using an intermediate line
Fish were caught on mainly floating line, best patterns were Clan chief Dia bach sedge pattern and black buzzer
Thursday 15th May
John Stevenson does it again a nice Limit catch
Eddie Rae and Tam Irvine had a great night keeping two fish each and returning quite a few
Jim Twaddle had a great night fishing from the bank
David Paton enjoyed a good night's fishing returning quite a lot
best flies were Black fritz buzzers, Black Tadpole Wingless Wickham's, and Antermony lure, also Kate Mclaren all fished on a floating line
Wed 14th May
New rod rest at the corner of the oar shed
Dave Morrison caught this nice brownie on a Kate Mclaren and released four


Tues 13th May
Sunday 11th May
JimTwaddle With a nice Fish caught and released three
Fraser McClure fishing ftom the bank caught this nice brownie



Stuart Malcolm fishing from the bank caught two nice brownies
Kenny Urquart fishing from the boat caught and released 7 fish
Friday 9th may
Robert Forsyth had an excellent day's fishing releasing seven trout
Len Johnson finishes with two nice Brownies caught on a floating line
Friday 9th may
Father and Son Jerrard and Mark Scullion had a good night with two fish each total wt 3lb 4 oz.
Kevin Hendrie with a nice Brownie caught on a floating line