Caurnie Angling Club
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Monday 26th March
Stuart Malcolm from bank 1-1/4 brown
David Brown from bank 1lb brown
Philip McCaig 1 of two browns caught
          John Stevenson 2 from the boat 2 retrnd              
Francis Malcolm netting a nice rainbow
R .S .Malcolm with a nice 1-3/4lb brown
27th March
New Lady Member Ann Gormanly fishing from the bank didn't have much luck but was unfortunate to have picked a cold night
cold conditions and east Wind didn't stop Stuart Malcolm from having great sport a lovely catch of 4 brown trout and 7 returned
4 th April
3 rd April
Club champion with a nice brownie
April 5th
Mark Anderson with three nice brown Trout        
Jim Twaddle returning a nice brownie at the loch today
Beecraigs 4th april
7th April
6lb,8oz R Bow caught on beecraigs on wed 4th April by club champion J Twaddle
Neil West with his first Antermony trout
7th April
Robert Malcolm returning a nice Brownie
Club Champion Jim Twaddle unhooking and returning a nice Brownie
Fish are being caught on Floating and intermediate lines, Hooks size 12 and 14 in a wide variety of patterns . fished slightly below the surface medium retrieve