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20th April

Jim Twaddle with 1 of a 17 fish catch for the boat on the Lake of Menteith. on a black buzzer a lovely 6lb Rainbow

Jim Twaddle with 2 of his 7 fish catch from the Lake of qualify for the semi-finals of the national championships.
Jim Twaddle,along with team mate Bill McDonagh recieve the winners shield in the team section of the Fire service national championships at Sutton Bingham Reservoir Somerset.May 2011.
Stuart Malcolm with a cracking 3 and 3/4 pound Rainbow Trout caught at Forbes of Kingennie Country Resort and Estate on the 1/1/2011
this fish was caught on a medium retrieve using a weight forward # 8 clear intermediate , on a cortland grx. #7 - #8 , 9 1/2 ft rod , with a size 10 long shank Cats Whiskers.
This fish was caught on the specimen pond with fish ranging from 3 - 22 Lb.

Jim Twaddle in Florida with a shark and nice 5lb Mackerel

Jim Daly in florida hooked into a Shark

A - 9lb rainbow trout I caught at Carbeth on the 31st Oct. This is my biggest fish caught to date.
I look forward to seeing you all in the spring.
Calum Robertson

President David Thomson desides to have a relaxing day at the roach and bream fishing to contemplates why he cant catch Antermony trout, (Enough to drive you to Drink)
Angus Sutherland senior member, when he was a boy with a Two pound fish
new commitee member Graham Brown.with a nice winter grayling from kinkell bridge in november.
Caurnie Angling Club Member Fraser McClure with an exceptional catch of Rainbow Trout for 17 lbs Fraser is pictured here with his first four of his six fish catch from Wellsfield Fishery
19th August
Robert malcolm takes a break from trout fishing and strikes it lucky on his first visit of the season to the river endrick, seen here playing a 9lb salmon
unfortunately he forgot his salmon landing net and after a great fight the salmon was landed after a few attempts using a trout net
Pictures by Francis Malcolm
10Th August
Stuart Malcolm with junior Members Daughters Joselyn and Keziah watching the salmon on an evening rise on the North Esk at St Cyrus
Stuart Malcolm with a 2 1/2 lb Rainbow caught at Raemoir Fishery 1 mile from Banchory on Royal Deeside
The Committee has a day out at North third see Photo's
28th June
Stuart Malcolm with a 3lb Rainbow caught at Burnhouse
At the Lake of Menteith 13th June 2009
Antermony three man team at the Lake of mentieth fishing in ---the Club Championship on 13th June-2009 left to right--- Stuart Malcolm, Robert Malcolm , Jim Twaddle
At the Lake of Menteith 13th June 2009
Stuart Malcolm
Stephen Bett
November 2008 Fish of the month Trout & Salmon

Top story of the month has undoubtedly been
the capture on a little Black Shrimp fly of a 33lb Salmon
on the Dunlappie beat of the West Water,
my favourite wee river, by david burns from Glasgow.
Davy had fished at Kinnabar all day, losing two fish at the net
and decided to go to Dunlappie for the last hour of daylight.
The fish took him second cast. The next 45 minutes were a mixture of strong runs and two periods of lying doggo on the bottom, but he managed to land the fish in fast-retreating light
this is the biggest Fish from the North Esk catchments in the past decade

A middle of the year stocking of brown trout in antermony showing the quality of the fish photo's by Jim Twaddle
End of season Photo's at Antermony and the Lake of Montieth---- photo's By Roger Hughes See Photo's
Jim Twaddle did not win the champion of champions competition on the lake of Mentieth but it was as great achievement reaching the finals. and he did win the biggest fish 3lb13oz on the day , and caught 5 fish .which was a good catch,the winner John buchanan had 18 fish,
Jim won the 999 comp at Burnhouse on the 7th of October,it was a horrendous day ,weather wise with persistent rain all day with heavy bits,he had 9 fish and biggest fish was (5lb) nice to defend his cup.
22 nd October North third By Roger Hughes
North Third on 22nd Cold and eventually very wet, Roger and Iain took one fish each both very deep( Photo by Iain Black)
15th oct Lake of Menteith
Iain Black braves the wind and rain and is rewarded with a fine Rainbow (photo by Roger Hughes)
Robert, A wee picture for the web-site to show what a hard working Committee we have.
I took this today and believe it or not we each had four fish for a total
weight of 15lb:12oz. All bar one fish were taken quite deep.

Adam Turner on Holiday

Just some of my holiday snaps (1 at 56 lbs) - (1 at 51 lbs )- (1 at 37 lbs)
not bad for a first time 3 nice sail fish
A great Catch By Jim Twaddle
4lb Blue from Linlithgow Monday 16th
From a six fish bag weighing ..18lb 10oz.
(Mollie Fitzgerald )-- BY Jim Twaddle
Here's the Photo of the 54lb'er caught by Mollie Fitzgerald on the river Alta Norway awesome fish. Jim

By Peter Comrie The Year 1979
Jack Stewart Jimmy Turnbull Jack Tuten Peter Comrie Mark Day
Angling Winners The Year 1979
The Caurnie Angling Club held their annual presentation of prizes in the Hillhead Community Centre , here are the prizewinners who are - back row : Jack Stewart winner of the A. L. Stewart Cup for the Spring Competition ; Jimmy Turnbull winner of the Provost Leslie Trophy for the Autumn Competition ; Jack Tuten, winner of the Caffaro Trophy for the heaviest trout Front Row Mark Day winner of the william Anderson trophy; for the Junior champion and Peter Comrie winner of the burgh Shield,for the Club Champion

Story By Stuart Malcolm

Just as the light was fading and the rise was off the boil ,two amazing sightings of Bigfoot were spotted on the island at Antermony Loch by Stuart Malcolm , fortunately stuart escaped the life threatning situation as the closest sighting turned out to be Robert Forsyth captured in the yetti like stance.



The Yetti
Robert Forsyth


a story told by Dave Thomson,

Stalking Grayling – The Jackie Stewart Technique

Dave Thomson relates how several years ago, he was fishing the Earn for grayling; carefully creeping up to the rivers edge, crouched down – to prevent exposing himself above the sky-line – gently easing himself into the water –letting his single maggot, on a size sixteen spade end, with one dust shot 18” above it, on 3lb nylon and a small porcupine quill float, slowly trot down the river. Fishing away he heard a voice he recognized approaching; our late President, Jackie Stewart. The voice got closer and closer until it said, ‘ How's it going big-man?’ ‘Nothing – not a touch for four hours. I’m going to try further up-stream.’ So Davy left the river and sat on the bank to have a consoling pipe. Jackie, dressed in his battered fore-and-aft, replete with bait needles, hooks and flies trailing bits of nylon; the waxed jacket down to his knees that pre-dated Barbour, with its frayed cuffs, torn pockets with a rope belt and his black sewer workers waders, jumped into the river creating a Tsunami and cast out his worm on a 10 hook, with his homemade cork and biro refill float, on his standard 10lb Maxima line. This trotted downstream no more than 10 yards when Jackie tightened into a 2lb+grayling.
Davy believes that his depressive mood swings and heavy drinking began at that moment.
If you have any stories or photos you would like to share we would like to hear from you E-Mail ..Editor

Click for Photo 's of the following

Fraser McClure at newmills Trout and deer Farm

John McKinney on the lake of Menteith 14th May 2007

Eddie Donnelly on the Lake of Menteith on 7th June

Antermony 3 man team for club champion's Competition at the Lake of Menteith

on 16th June

Jim Twaddle at Carron Reservoir with 2lb Powan

Editor R.Malcolm on the River Endrick 11 th and 15th Sept

Roger Hughes Highland Holiday Photos

Ex Committee Member's letter to editor

Rescue of a wee bird by Robert Forsyth


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