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Sat 28 october 2006
Club Champion Jim Twaddle with a lovely Rainbow 8lb12oz caught on the lake on sat
Wednesday 25th october roger and Iain at the Lake of Menteith

A fishy Story from Roger Hughes, Secretary .This is a True story

On Menteith today, on one size 10 Gold-Head Black Cat, I caught two blues at the same time and both were landed by Iain Black in the net at the same time.


At the Heronry, I hooked a broken cast around the middle dropper, with a fish either side, on the top dropper and the point fly. With consumate skill, I played both fish so that Iain could net first the one on the top dropper, while I grabbed the nylon and pulled the one on the point to the net. I have to give Iain some credit, he was a very worthy assistant to the master. So in one cast I caught two blues to 4lb 8oz and three blobs, one a gold head. Not bad eh! At the top of the cast was a 6" braid which had obviously pulled off the end of the fly-line - perhaps now he will Super-Glue it on.

Roger - Lucky "xxxxx"- Hughes

Antermony members at the Lake of Menteith Wednesday 18th october





J.Mckinney R.S.Malcolm R. Hughes and Iain Black : total fish caught 5
John Mckinney at the controls
Joe Hendrie with a nice 6-1/2lb Rainbow
Friday 6th oct
The Editor Captured Jim Boyd' son returning a nice seatrout on the river endrick . for jim's reports go to the link's page
R.S.Malcolm with a nice rainbow and a brown trout on the last day , also lost 2 fish at the net .
Wed 4th October
Tuesday 3rd October
R.S.Malcolm with four nice brown trout for 4-3/4lb. three-caught on a bibio and one caught on a brown bomber, using an intermediate line fished deep
Angus Sutherland with a nice Rainbow one of three fish caught, fishing on the bottom using an intermediate line and a small goldbead green lure with a black tail
  J.Twaddle Tuesday 19th sept had a good afternoon 6 browns and 1 rainbow.with all but 1 brown brown 1lb12oz.there was even a good rise on to buzzers as the light faded,with lots of fish up in swans bay.jim   J.Twaddle Monday 18th sept 2 r-bows kept and 2 browns,returned and jagged about 10 more,plenty fish rising,.jim

September 17th

R.S.Malcolm with two nice browntrout over 1lb Caught in ideal conditions,using a floating line and a size 14 black fly with a small green tail


September 13th
maybe the 13th, but not unlucky for Roger Hughes, he caught two cracking brownies, each over a pound, on a small pheasant tail nymph on a floating line. and returned them to catch another day.
Tues 12 th sept
The Club Champion Had a good night with four lovely brown trout for 5 lb on a di 3 and the fish were taking a mini viva about 3'
the middle of the loch,.
9th September
10th September
Gary Miller netting a nice Rainbow
Gary also caught five brown trout
two were returned
Jim Twaddle The Club Champion returns after a holiday and catches two lovely brown trout in excellent condition
7th September
James Dymond wins Junior Cup with a nice 1-1/2lb Brown Trout
Frank Watson with a nice catch two browns and two Rainbows
David Hunt Captured playing and netting a nice antermony brown trout
Sunday 3rd. September
Autumn Cup
After a hard day the cup was finally won by Sub Editor Stuart Malcolm The only fish caught, Well Done Stuart Click Here For photos
Sunday 6th aug Brown cup won by Eddie Donnelly see photos gallery
At the weigh in
Robert Malcolm Catching the first fish of the competition--photo by Jim Twaddle'
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Tuesday 11th July
Wed 19th july

The Club Champion enjoying a cup of tea after a fruitless evening-- water temperature very high and not a rise in sight . The weather sure is great but not for catching fish better luck next time Jim


Gary Miller with a nice over wintered Brown Trout Caught with a Wingless wickhams on a floating line Just as the light was starting to fade

Saturday 5th Aug

Saturday 5th Aug
The Editor
Tam Irvine
After 2 weeks of very warm weather the fish were very hard to catch. The water temperature has now dropped and the fish are starting to rise again and enter the shallower water .using an intermediate line and fishing with an antermony lure on the point the editor manage to land this nice brown trout after loosing two, one of which was a rainbow. Also fishing from the boats Jim Twaddle caught and released one rainbow and one brown trout and Tam Irvine caught a nice Rainbow trout .
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