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Introduction, by Roger Hughes.
The Kelvin Valley AnglingClub is believed to be a precursor of the Caurnie Angling Club, as the Minute Book has been handed down from Secretary to Secretary

20.09.00 Meeting in Lifeboat Hall to consider forming an angling club. This was agreed.
President- H. Melville. Secretary- Mr. Hunter. Treasurer- J. Drummond.
Entrance fee-1/-, for founder members. 2/6, for later members, plus 6d. per month.
27.09.00 Rules were discussed-including members in arrears could not fish competitions Mr J. Stirling elected Vice-President. Reference to the ‘Old Club’.
18.10.00 Membership 43 but only 27 paid up.
Some problem, unstated, led to President’s resignation and Mr.Ford replaced him.
Reference to writing to the ‘Old Club’ regarding stocking of the Luggie.
Agreed to give defaulting members one month to pay up.
Agreed to approach Dr. Armstrong to accept position of Hon. President.
Agreed to try to change venue to the Temperance Hall.
15.11.00 In Lifeboat Hall, Dr. Marr had sent a 10/- donation. Dr. Armstrong had accepted Hon. Presidency and given a donation of £1.
The Secry said he had spoken to the Secry of the ‘Old Club’, but could get little information from him. However he did learn that the price of trout from the Stirling Hatchery was £1/10/- per 1000 spau (?) and yearlings £2 per 1000. He also had received two subscription sheets for that cause. It was agreed that members be invited to contribute to these stocking costs and several did so.
Agreed to have a Smoking Concert.
13.12.00 Mr Melville reported that he had raised £2.12.6 for the Luggie Stocking Fund.
Discussion about banking the Clubs funds, but no decision made.
07.02.01 A bill from The Herald of 10/- for printing was presented.
Agreed to hold first competition at Killearn in April with 1st and 2nd Class competitors ?
Balance on hand £6.14s.1d
07.03.01 Discussion re the classification of anglers for the competitions-Jas Stuart demoted to 2nd Class. 33 in1st Class and 17 in 2nd Class.
Agreed to spend £8 on prizes; 8 for 1st Class and 4 for 2nd class.
A proposal to fish Loch Ard was made, this not accepted after it was argued that 2nd Class would not be able to compete at fly-fishing and that the expense would be too great.
Agreed to travel to the competition at Killearn on April 25, by train.
Agreed that two members would pay the monies raised for the Luggie Fund to the ‘Old Club’ the following night.
11.04.01 Decided to leave on the 8.30 am train to Killearn and return on the 6.14pm. Fish to be weighed in the Lifeboat Hall that night. The Secry instructed to get cheap fare and a special carriage.
Mr Melville proposed that the Club admit Mr. Campbell of Boghead Lenzie, it was decided to stick to the rules and to decline this admission.
It was agreed that two Committee Members audit the books and that an account be opened in the Kirkintilloch Savings Bank.
Agreed to get a ballot box and to have a prize giving social on the first Friday in May, tickets to cost 1/3.
02.05.01 Agreed to hold a spate Competition on or about 12 June, also agreed to hold next meeting in Temperance Hall.
03.06.01 Discussion whether to extend to 3 Classes, decided to stick to 2 until end of season. Discussion about fixing a weight for 2nd Class members to fish themselves up to 1st Class. This was fixed but not recorded.
Agreed to have one prize, for every four members fishing in a competition.
Reference to a September Competition, with prizes to the total value of £4.0.0. It was settled that they would go in a brake to Fintry to fish the Endrick from the Falls to Dr. Ewing’s ground for the Spate Competition. It was carried that any member caught fishing private water or tributaries would be expelled from the competition.
20.06.00 Spate Competition Results-Summary
First Class-1st Prize- James Walls-11 fish for 1lb. 14 1/2 oz.less 1 penny
First class Heaviest Fish-Thomas McLeary - 7 1/2 oz.
Second Class: 1st.Prize-Jas.Brown- 7 fish for 1 lb. 4 oz.
Second Class Heaviest Fish - 6 oz. less 1 penny weight.
Weather: occasional rain, water low, slight to fresh wind. Minnow did best.

01.07.01 Caurnie Secretary: ‘I will update this further when I get the opportunity to go through the old Minute Book, which in places is quite difficult to read.’
PS Look carefully at the above:- 11 fish for 1lb 14 1/2 ounces, Jackie Stewart would be mad with jealousy.

Results of the Competition Held at Todholes Loch 24 April 1902

Class Name Number of Weight Prize
Brown Trout

First John Fisher 5 1lb 9 oz Built Cane Rod (Value 10/-)
First Jas Walls 2 14 oz Umbrella
First John McCash 3 10 oz Reel + 30 yards of line
First John Mcintosh 4 9 oz Basket & belt
Second Hugh Scott 6 1lb 3 oz 13ft rod
Second Thos Tennant 3 1lb 2 oz Weekend Bag
Second Jas Stark 2 12 oz Reel + 20 yards of line
Second Thos McLeary 2 10oz Fly Book
Second Jas Brown 1 6 Pipe
Second Alex Syme 2 not weighed Muffler
Third Harry Risk? 6 1lb 4oz Rod
Third Chas Miller 2 15oz Large clock

Heaviest Fish Chas Miller 8oz Pair of Vases

Two prizes were left over for the next competition, a brass kettle and a small clock.

Members were classified according to their success in previous competitions


by Roger Hughes

A Further installation of the Kelvin Valley AC Minutes


01.07.01 A ‘Social’ raised 3/6 for the club
29.7.01 It was proposed to have two prizes for every five competitors fishing a competition
26.8.01 Letter from Glasgow Tramway & Omnibus Company, giving terms for a Charabanc
Agreed to go via the Crow Road to Fintry, leaving at 6am.Dr Armstrong’s Cup will take two months to make.
31.8.01 Third Competition:
Class 1st Winner J Walls, total weight 1lb 2oz, heaviest fish 6 oz
Class 2nd Winner R Coats, total weight 7oz, heaviest fish 41/2 oz
23.9.01 Annual General Meeting – Spent £15 on prizes
A deputation had been sent to see the ex-Treasurer, but he could not be found at home.
It was decided to see a lawyer regarding the recovery of the Club’s funds.
Hon. President: Dr Armstrong President: J Ford Vice-President: T Tennant
Treasurer: J McCash Secretary: H Melville
Prizes to be returned to the President, 14 days after presentation.
Classification of members to be by ballot.
22.10.01 Small attendance at meeting because it was on the same day as the local half-yearly fair.
The new Treasurer said that the ex-treasurer had made another payment to account of his
defalcations of 4/-, leaving a balance of £2/0/7d.
Rules have been revised-
Entry Fee now 2/6 plus 6d per calendar month.
Wading continues to be banned in competitions.
Competitions declared off if no one weighs in 11/2 lb of fish
Reference to Linrigg Angling Club, fining members for taking 51/2” fish. Agreed that 6”
would be the Kelvin Valley AC limit. Proposed that if smaller fish were weighed in, then
their weight would be deducted from the actual weight of fish over 6”. This was so
complicated that it was defeated.
Purchase of 100 return tickets to Killearn for £5, to be sold to members.
Big row about the Cup not being ready for presentation and not being fished for properly.
This became further complicated when the Treasurer pointed out that the alleged winner was
in arrears of his subs & the Treasurer wanted the 11/6 prize money back
Election of new member – Andrew Young. It was decided to use the new ballot box for this,
which led to an extensive delay, while they tried to work out how to use the ballot box.

A Further installation of the Kelvin Valley AC Minutes


by Roger Hughes

23.11.1901 Meeting at the Lifeboat Hall. Vice-President, Thomas Tennent, presiding.
Everything proceeding well until the Financial Report, when the problem of recovering club funds from the Ex-treasurer arose, some in favour of enforcing collection others ‘in favour of extending the days of grace’. Treasurer instructed to issue a ‘final warning’. Mr McCash announced that he had had an ‘interview‘ with Mr Armstrong, who had told him that the cup was now ready. He also said he did not want any ‘social’ in connection with the Club held in a public house. This was agreed and that a social would be held, with tickets at 1/-, and further ladies would be admitted to the social.
Qualification from 3rd Class Membership to 2nd Class Membership, would be automatic, upon catching 1lb of fish at any competition. Proposed new members names were selected using the new ballot box. Mr Beveridge of Campsie Glen wrote to the club about the cost of membership cards for Todhole Loch.
30.12.1901 Despite a small attendance, it was decided to proceed because all committee members had been carded about it. ‘The next business was in connection with a regular supply of trout to Honorary Members during the fishing season, it being pointed out that if some system was established trout might be got every now and again for distribution. It was then resolved that a Saturday should be fixed for fishing for trout entirely for distribution.’
A communication was read from the North British Railway Company relative to the enquiry for 100 return tickets to Killearn, declining to treat with the club.
24.1.1902 It was noted that four members of the committee were ‘conspicuous by their absence’. A Meeting with the Secretary of Todholes Loch at Fintry, who offered the following terms: One competition and open to the club for the whole season, £6/0/0. For twelve members, £2/0/0. For one competition for the club, £1/0/0. Cards will not be transferable and no night fishing. Legal baits may be used but no competitions on Saturdays. It was agreed to go for the 3/4 rate. During classification of members,the next item is crossed put but legible. ‘the only incident of note being at the result of our worthy Treasurer, Mr McCash being balloted into First Class, which some members appeared to take as a joke’. Five members were promoted to First Class, including Mr McCash, eight to Second Class and one new member placed in Third Class. With respect to the distribution of fish to Honorary Members, the Secretary reported that the local Station Master would allow a basket to lie at the station under his private charge. The question of the ex-treasurers defalcations arose, but it was decided to wait to see if a member of the committee who works with him can recover the money.
24.2.1902 Big debate regarding acquisition of fishing at Todholes Loch. Decided to hold a special meeting.. The ex-Treasurers defalcation again arose with the current Treasurer saying that a further 6/- had been paid leaving a balance of £1/10/7. This was considered satisfactory.
3.3.1902 Special meeting to decide whether to apply for the fishing of Todholes Loch. It was agreed that the fishing rights be aquired for £6/0/0 to allow the 40 members to fish. The club would pay this, then members would pay by instalments. Any member caught fishing and being in default of his payments would be expelled from the club and ‘forfeit all rights and privileges as a member of the same’.
31.3.1902 An application to fish the Walnair fishings had hit a snag in that the ‘Old Club’ had applied to fish on the same day. Decided to hold a competition at Todholes. and to be ready to catch the brake at 5.30 am so as to start fishing at 6 am. Mr Tennent offered a 10/- rod as a prize.
The next meeting makes it apparent that the monthly meetings being minute, are meetings of all club members, not just committee members.
17.4.1902 Committee Meeting. Agreed to spend £3/10/0 on prizes with £2/0/0 to be spent in Alexanders Stores
24.4.1902 Todholes Competition Results.
First Class: First John Fisher, 5 trout for 1lb 9oz – Prize, Cane Built Rod – other prizes: Umbrella, Reel & 30 yards of line and Basket & belt.
Second Class: First Hugh Scott, 6 trout for 1lb 3oz – Prize, 13 foot Rod – other prizes: Weekend Bag, Reel & 20 yards of line, Fly Book, Pipe, Muffler.
Third Class: First Harry Risk, 6 trout for 1lb 4 oz – Prize, Rod – other prizes: Large Clock
Special Prize – Heaviest Trout – Charles Miller 8oz – Prize, Pair Vases
The competition was nearly declared void, because of the 11/2 lb rule, fortunately John Fisher exceeded this by 1oz, so the results stood. Two prizes, a kettle and a small clock were left over for the next competition.

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– Roger Hughes, Secretary 2006


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