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brine for fish


Brine for Small Fish

(Trout ,Herring, Mackerel)To each gallon / 5 litres water add:
2 tablespoons 3 x 15 ml spoons onion salt
2 tablespoons 3 x 15 ml spoons garlic salt
1 lb / 500gt salt, preferably dairy salt
3 - 4 fluid ounces / 75 - 100 ml strained lemon juice
8 oz / 200g dark brown sugar
first cream the onion and garlic salt with a little of the water,then
mix all the ingredients thoroughly,making sure that the salt does
not lie in lumps at the bottom of the container, use cold

(I use a large pot with the above quantity of brine for 3 or 4 trout for approx 3 to 4 hours)Stir brine thoroughly to ensure a even mix

Brine for salmon(whole sides)
To each gallon / 5 ltrs water add:
8 oz / 200g black treacle
2 tablespoons / 3 x 15 ml spoons onion salt
2 tablespoons / 3 x 15 ml spoons garlic salt
1 lb / 500g salt preferably dairy salt
3 - 4 fluid ounces / 75 - 100 ml. strained lemon juice
2 tablespoons / 3 x 15 ml spoons dill salt or seeds
Rum to taste
As a general rule, the average time for leaving items
in any of the brines above is one hour per 1b / 500g for fish,
2 - 3 . hours for poultry or game. In all cases ,
allow a little extra time rather than skimping it .

Thus you can brine herring ,Trout, Mackerel weighing
3/4 lb / 300g (approx) for one hour.
Salmon sides weighing three and a half pounds
/ 1.45 kg for 8 - 10 hours
After brining, both fish and meat must be drained and
patted dry with soft kitchen paper, it must then hang for 12 - 18
hours,or overnight in a cool dark place free from flies
(I cover them on a plate and put them in the fridge overnight)
This lets the pieces dry off and gain a good surface texture
before being smoked
TIPS:- Use a sheet of tinfoil rubbed with oil and corrugated
to place on the grid before placing the trout etc. also use additional
smaller pieces of foil under all corners this
prevents the skin sticking also use two burners with 80 ml
of meths and smooke for 20 mins for a nice colour.after 20 mins
remove lid of smoker as soon as possible to prevent condensation
forming and falling on the food and discoloring it.
Smooking times may vary from 15 to 20 mins .Wash lid after each use

Editors tips and trout recipes
PS . I use oak chips and prefer a light coloured smoked look,so I only use a very light layer of chips. For a darker colour use slightly more chips. The cooking time remains the same.Some people like to add various herbs or whisky to the chips but this is a matter of taste, also you can strain the liquid and use up to two or three days tips on cooking

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